Christopher Hitchens on Global Warming

A great author with his video interview perspective on the Global Warming debate. The most rational and succinct perspective I’ve seen. “We don’t have another planet to conduct the experiment on.”

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  1. Ed Says:

    Why would you even post this video comment?
    Christopher Hitchens obviously doesn’t know anything about this issue.

    ” I’ve heard alot of people strongly take the Al Gore thesis”

    This is a what if interview. nothing significant is presented.

    Nobody has said that we shouldn’t take care of our planet. Its obviously the only one we have. I believe we were put here as caretakers of the earth.

    True science has yet to prove anything about anthropogenic global warming.

    Repeat a lie often enough, by a respected autoritarian figure, and people will take it as fact.

  2. admin Says:

    Ed, well it’s quite obvious why I posted the video, based on what I said about it. Maybe if you read what I wrote again, you’ll understand. Hitchens doesn’t agree or disagree as far as I can tell with the “the Al Gore thesis” as you quote, but the statement that I outlined shows some rationality. I don’t expect I have to quote it again, do I? Did you miss this point and if not, do you agree or disagree? From the rest of your comment, I assume you agree, but I can’t be sure because it is also filled with rhetoric.

    For someone who considers this blog to not be worth his time and a “bore”, I find it strange that you have commented so much on different articles in such a short period of time!

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